Our Services

Capital Formation; Mergers & Acquisitions –


Are you looking to add value to your business through Capital Formation?  Integerus understands the intricacies of this process, particularly as it relates to the health and wellness space.  We can evaluate your current situation, and determine the best strategy to help fuel growth.  Our relationships extend beyond the fitness and wellness space into the financial industry, and we use our relationships there to assist our clients.  If you are contemplating a merger or acquisition as part of your growth, the Integerus team also has the expertise necessary to guide you through the process.  You can expect professional, knowledgeable and detailed recommendations in just the amount that you need – you decide the extent of involvement that you desire from our team.   

Research and Strategy –

Have you evaluated your business’s strategy in the face of a rapidly changing business environment?  Our Integerus team can recommend the best way to position your business, using different methods that can boost productivity and profitability.  We do this by using carefully gathered research, both about your business and your competitors, as well as the niche and over-arching industry that your business serves.   

Information Technology Development and Implementation –

Technology is not what it used to be. Creating solutions costs less and can be achieved more rapidly than ever before. Appropriately leveraging new tools that provide customers value is not an organizational luxury any longer - it is a necessity. Customers increasingly expect relevant information to be delivered more cheaply and conveniently in both the B2B and B2C marketplace.

Information systems are a key business asset, and the good news is that they no longer require an IT department to create, manage or design them. For example, SaaS (Software as a Service) is transforming the means with which organizations can create customer value at dramatically lower costs and with much more rapid deployment schedules.
Our firm has the specialized business skills and a network of highly experienced strategic partners and capable technologists who can identify how your organization can appropriately adopt new tools to positively impact your customers and your business model. We help organizations conceive, create, design and implement technology solutions.

Feasibility Studies –

Do you have a business idea, but wonder if it truly has merit?  Are you looking to expand your current business into a new market, or perhaps downsize or close part of your business, but need relevant and viable information?  Our firm specializes in doing feasibility studies for both new and existing projects.  We utilize Nielsen PRIZM Market Segmentation Data to examine segment groups based on demographics and behaviors.  These segments, which break down consumers into LifeStage and Social Groups, not only look at simple demographic data, but also provide a glimpse into the socio-economics of each area, within a 5-15 minute drive time of a particular address.  By looking at the PRIZM details for a project, our firm can make recommendations on feasibility of future projects with more certainty than by using only household demographics of age, income, education or employment.

Digital Marketing –

Does your business have a digital presence?  If so, are you reaching your target consumers?  Our team at Integerus will evaluate your current marketing plan, and develop a digital marketing plan that will increase exposure.  Our relationships with companies such as Fitsomo, which focuses on digital marketing for the fitness industry, also allows us to offer full management of your digital marketing, providing content, posting that content, and providing detailed analysis of the effectiveness of said plan.  Because of the blazing speed at which new digital marketing platforms are launched, we constantly monitor your business’s progress to ensure your marketing efforts provide the most value for your investment.

Business Review and Management Consultancy –

Are you looking to improve performance within your business, but you aren’t sure how to begin?  Our firm can conduct an exhaustive review of business strategies, systems and overall execution, then help your business grow by solving problems and recommending new and better ways of doing things.