Our Firm

Integerus strives to be the leading consulting firm in the fitness industry, with a unique focus on creating value for our clients through innovative strategies and services.  Whether working with a small health club or studio, or assisting a global fitness company, Integerus develops relationships with our clients, determines the best course of action to help them succeed and grow their business.  We do this by helping clients adopt new tools, methodologies and strategies that can guide them through this transformative age of demographic shifts, globalism and technological advancement.

How we Began

Our Mission is to become a leading and recognized consultancy, business and technology development firm that delivers unique and valuable professional services and creates innovative solutions for participants in the evolving and emerging global fitness and wellness industries.

We will achieve our mission by adhering to our core values, being creative in our thinking, developing and leveraging strategic relationships, and by applying our experience in and knowledge of advanced technologies, global resources and emerging market trends.

How Can We Help Your Business?

Are you curious how the transformative changes in the business world can benefit your business?  Contact us today with your questions and a no obligation call to discuss your needs.